It is a regular routine that before bed I run one …

It is a regular routine that before bed I run one last check of all my email accounts (four at last count), and run through the bloglines feed. Tonight is no different.

One of my favorites is Bishop Seraphim’s LiveJournal. He always has something interesting written. I like the way he frames his phrases and thoughts. He seems a gentle person, though I’ve never met him, except through his writing. He posts some beautiful pictures. A journey to his rosebed of thoughts is a must.

There is not much that happens on a Sunday. At least that is my Sunday goal, for it to be a true day of rest. Alas, the last few have not been that for one reason or another. Today, while not a completely restful day, was less full of stuff than usual.

The hubster finished installing the new-for-a-second-time kitchen floor, the previous one having gone the way of the trash after the busted washer hose. He did a better job than the first time, he claims. It looks beautiful to me! There is molding yet to stain, cut and install but he’ll have that done in short order. Thus, I had the joy of wiping the dust off the floor and seeing it sparkle. I love the way it looks and love the feel of it!

Someone graciously donated a Gateway computer to Father T, who requested I set it up in the church office. Accomplished that after coffee hour today. In an effort to help him dig out from under the pile of papers that are the Black Hole of Calcutta, for two hours he and I sorted through a box of junk. We sorted it into Personal, Church, and Trash. Seventy-five percent of it was trash and stuffing dating back to October 2005! The remainder was easily sorted. We even found two checks he needs to deposit! Yay!

Later this week I will head back to the office to file the remaining paperwork. Father T took home the few items that were personal, with my instructions to collect the mail in the box again this week and bring it to church Saturday when I will sort through it again. It is my hope that this will become a regular routine and will help to keep him on top of things so things aren’t lost quite so easily. He was much relieved.

The remainder of the day was spent relaxing with a book, crocheting slippers for our church’s Quilt Raffle and Craft Sale and watching a movie with the hubster.

And so ends another Sunday. How was your day of rest?


2 thoughts on “It is a regular routine that before bed I run one …

  1. Sounds lovely! I came home after church, watched two baseball games, read the paper, finished “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and read half of “Babycatcher”.


    Have a great 4th!

  2. Sounds like a peaceful day. I have to check out Bishop Seraphim’s blog (I seem to be collecting blogs!).

    This sunday was mixed. Slept terrible because of worries, went to church (gospel reading was quite appropriate), came home and collapsed onto the couch. Met hubby at the 7-11 (he and 1 son road bikes there) for a slupree treat (I did not induldge), then jumped in the pool for a swim. Spent the evening surfing the web and watching the movie “Always” .

    Pretty dull but quiet.


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