Value of Your Home?

Just read about this site, Zillow, in our local newspaper, so I checked it out. Just plug in your street address, city and state and it will take you right to your house. Zillow will give you it’s estimated value based on the current market. I di this and found it to be accurate to what we’ve noticed of the home sales in our neighborhood. Check it out. Is it accurate for your home value?


3 thoughts on “Value of Your Home?

  1. As an agent, I think it offers a fair ballpark but in no way is a substitute for having a Market Analysis.

    Having said that, mine was fairly accurate.

  2. I tried it for my parents’ home in Texas and while it could call up a map of the address, it said there was no home there!

    Then I checked out why – they only have 54% coverage of Texas.

    Your link to the site needs to be fixed BTW.

  3. It is an interesting site. Annie called my attention to it last week so checked everybody out.

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