The Night Sky

It’s been a week since my last post. I’ve not felt much like writing about anything. At least nothing interesting enough has crossed my path about which to wax philosophical or rant. So there’s been nothing. That’s okay.

Today I contacted my Astronomy professor to find out if the textbook I have is the right one. It is. Shall be able to buy it for half off the cover. Not too shabby. Comes with a CD too. The prof sent me a link to a website that has an interactive skychart. It’s called Sky and Telescope. It is one way cool website. You can plug in your city, state, country and time zone and up pops a night sky chart so you can plot the stars. I am so trying this out tonight!

Maybe this class will be interesting! Woot!

Off to get my binoculars for some star gazing!!!


5 thoughts on “The Night Sky

  1. Wait until you see Jupiter, Saturn or the craters on the moon through a telescope. Takes your breath away.

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