Time has been fleeting these past weeks. It has b…

Time has been fleeting these past weeks. It has been difficult to find a moment to post anything of worth. This one shall be no different. Words. Not worth much.

While driving to work today, I left the window down to catch the sultry morning air. The sky was blue but getting hazy. The sun was warm. The air was moist but not as it would be later in the day. These are some of my favorite days of summer. The smells, sounds, and feel of the air transport me back to days of childhood in the city.

I’m sure I’ve written about this before but it just amazes me how the sound of a cicada or grasshopper chirping wings my mind back 40 years or more. The first image that pops into my head is a big window with sun streaming in. When I look through it, there is a brick wall. LOL! But I can hear the cicada’s. They are loud. I can smell the sun and heat.

The next image that comes to my mind is the thin pastel rainbow stripes on a sheet. I must be lying in bed taking an afternoon nap. What is strange though is the sheets I recall were fitted for a crib mattress! Can one have a snapshot memory of a time when they slept in a crib? That was a l – o – n – g time ago!

I love that memory. I wonder if I can get a tape or sound machine that has the sound of cicadas and the rustle of leaves as a summer wind trickles through them.


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  1. I have memories from when I was about 2 1/2 years old…I think it’s possible to have a memory like that!

    neat post…

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