A Daddy who loves his little buddy

While driving home from work yesterday, I saw a sight that made me chuckle aloud. It also showed me evidence of the love a Dad had for his little son.

While stopped at a red light, there was in front of me, a big red pick-up truck. Similar to the size that my brother has. It was pulling a tow ramp, the kind that I’ve seen on which you can drive a car up the two tire ramps and then is chained down on the flat bed so it doesn’t fall off the back. Well this red pick-up was hauling something. A dump truck. A bright yellow dump truck. It was fastened very securely. One chain went from the rear axle to the rear of the ramp. Then there was a chain that went from left to right and was securely fastened to the big links. What kind of yellow dump truck was it you ask?

It was this one.


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