Favorite Beverages

I’m bringing this back to the top for any last stragglers who wish to contribute their beverage of choice suggestions. Ahoy ye slaggards. Post so I have a decent number to do stats with! Argh!

It gives me great joy to say the oppressively hot weather has broken for the time being. Early this evening a heavy thunderstorm ran throught the area and brought the humidity and high temperatures down. It is now a comfortable 70 something outside. Lovely.

The post below spun off many comments regarding favorite beverages. I think it would be interesting for all readers to note what their favorite beverage is according to season. For myself, I enjoy iced tea during the summer months, hot flavored coffees and teas during the fall and winter months. Beverages such as beer and wine I drink year round but not often.

It might be interesting and fun to take an unofficial poll (as Ian did) and I’ll publish the stats in a couple days. To that end, list your favorite drink by category(first to last) for each season.

Spring & Summer Drinks
Fall & Winter Drinks

Categories (add any I’ve forgotten):
soda or pop
hot flavored/unflavored coffees
hot flavored/unflavored teas
iced flavored/unflavored coffees
iced flavored/unflavored tea
iced flavored/unflavored water


6 thoughts on “Favorite Beverages

  1. Well, I do guzzle green tea and water every day. But everyone should have a signature drink of some sort. True to my love of mountain climbing and outdoor stuff, I stick with British Raj era gin & tonic. Low cal, refreshing, and tasty…always with Bombay Sapphire, of course. There can be only one…

  2. These days I drink mainly water and hot tea (Oolong, preferably), pretty much year round. If I’ve been running short on sleep for some reason then coffee will be added to the mix, but that’s about it. I don’t care for soda in any form – outside of good, old-fashioned root beer (which is virtually impossible to find these days as most of what is sold isn’t very good…)

    Oh yes, in the wintertime (outside of the Nativity fast), I won’t turn down hot chocolate or tea with a shot of blackberry or plum brandy 🙂

    Catherine K.

  3. My drinks don’t really change from season to season: maybe because we don’t have the extremes other places get.

    My constant drinks are coffee, tea [Eal Grey or Russian Caravan preferably], tropical fruit juice and Milo (hot in winter, cold in summer). An d the occasional port.

    In winter I’ll have Hot Chocolate or Cocoa of an evening.

  4. I would say that water is my constant beverage. I do have a regular Pepsi for lunch most days, coffee for breakfast, but not often at other times. I have been known to say to the waiter when asked if I want coffee: “As long as you’re pouring, I’m drinking.” But, then, I don’t eat out often. If I’m at a function where everyone else is drinking I’ll typically have a gin and tonic.

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