Beckly, WV

“Hello, Mrs. Alan?” says the male voice on the other end of the phone, twinged in a southern accent.

“Yes, this is she.” reply I.

“We’re on 77 South and would like directions to your house to deliver your new furniture.” he says.

Puzzled, I replied, “77 South? I’m sorry, I don’t know where that is.”

“Um. You don’t?”

“No. Sorry. I can give you directions from 78 though.”

“Uh, 78? Ma’am, we’re on 77 South near Beckley, WV.” he says to me, like I’m some nitwit.

I reply, again, that I am unfamiliar with that road.

“What’s you’re address again?” he asks.

I give it to him. He replies, “That’s not what we have for you.”

Well no duh, I think to myself.

“Uh, sir. I live in southeastern PENNSYLVANIA! One hour north of [insert major metropolis] not West Virginia.” I scratch my head, heave a heavy sigh. “I guess I won’t be getting my furniture today by 3:00 p.m.?”

Though the words never passed his lips, I could read his mind like a ticker tape, “Aw s***.”

“Ma’am, someone will be in touch….”

…and the cell phone connection was lost…two hours ago.

Dang. Idiots.


3 thoughts on “Beckly, WV

  1. Oh dear. Hope it comes tomorrow for you.

    And it doesn’t give me much faith given I have people moving my stuff next Friday!

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