Back to School

Whatever happened to back-to-school ads that showed notebooks, pens, paper, and new shoes? Instead the ads feature back-to-school cell phones!

All this when most/many schools are trying to figure out a way to prevent cell phones from going to school with kids in the hopes of curtailing cheating and obnoxious rings during class.

Gimme a break!


3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Every year it get’s worse and worse too. I have heard of churches talking about setting up jammers in churches so that the parishioners (happens way to often) or priests/pastors (yes I have seen this happen) phones do not go off during services. Then again some churches are putting cells on their belfries as a source of income.

    As for the whole school thing, it’s insane. Parents and kids validate it by saying they may need to get in touch with each other during the day. You know people have done school, business, church, etc for thousands of years without cell and have done just fine, if not better.

    Recently I was forced to have my cell phone disconnected, and I have to say after having one for 8 years I do feel a bit disconnected, even with the Skype line available. In the end it was convenient to be able to get in touch with someone when I needed to, and it was certainly nice to not get home late some evening to find out friends have made plans, and you missed them. I have always been pretty conscience to not bring my phone into church, or into a resturaunt. Matter of fact it usually just sat in my truck, except during the times I knew I needed it.

  2. I would estimate that about 90% of my students have mobile phones.

    My school has given up on preventing phones from going to school. The only restriction is that they cannot be used in lessons. Nonetheless, I’m regularly taking them off of students for having them out in lessons.

    I am occasionally photographed with camera phones and once I was videoed. I apprehended that one and returned it to the students mother at a parent-teacher conference on the following Monday. Interestingly, she was not happy about him having it out in class, but not particularly perturbed about the explicit photos from a strip club that had been bluetoothed to him.

  3. My husband read to me an article that stated that the *average* age of child getting a cell phone is 8! My 10 yr old was rather put out that she is not average. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I told her to get used to it 😉


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