My Kind Of Day

Today’s first item on the “to do” list was a doctor’s appointment for a regular checkup. I was happy to see I’ve gained one more pound and continue to be well within the average range for women my height (5′ 1.5″). Now the idea is to keep it there; no more, no less. I guess that may mean no more cookies and milk before bed.

The downside was a cholesterol level of 245, up from 233. Bummer. Though the HDL was 66, which is really good, making my ratio of HDL/LDL a 3.2. Primo! However, the doc wants the LDL below 130 (it’s 165), thus necessitating a new prescription. Unfortunately, my year of changing to a low-fat diet and 3600 mg of Omega-3 fish oil didn’t do squat. Thus is the saga of middle-age, approaching 50.

After that, I trotted to the farmer’s market for fresh veggies. I scored a stewing chicken to make homemade chicken broth for the freezer. Woot! Then stopped at Scholl Orchards for a basket of fresh red tomatoes. Yum.

Home I went with my purchases and started the soup while I put away the goodies. While the broth was bubbling, I put up a few autumnal decos and changed out the purple flowers on my door wreath for a couple little scarecrows, greens, a tiny pumpkin and two tiny pinecones. It looks pretty nice for something I just threw together.

Next up was swapping out the furnace filters and washing out dirt out of the old ones since they are reusable. The only downside is we have a dual-heating system with one air exchanger in the attic. Access to said unit is via a hole cut in the ceiling of the closet in the spare room. Thus I utilized my stealth and careful balance beam walk to get up there and walk across the beams, hoping I wouldn’t fall through the insulation through to the hallway. I was successful and now we are breathing clean air. (Yeah, right.)

The soup made the house smell delicious! The windows were open and a fresh and warm fall breeze was trickling in. I love that fresh smell.

The hubster was disillusioned with a recent purchase from LLBean, so I packaged it up and took it to the local mail box place and sent it back requesting a refund. I also trotted off to the foodstore to purchase some items for a big event we are hosting this Saturday. Sorry dear readers, I cannot spill the beans until afterwards! At least it will make sure you revisit the blog on Sunday for details! Ha!

Dinner time arrived. The hubster fired up the grill and cooked the chicken. We ate on the back porch and chatted, reviewing the days events. After cleaning up the kitchen I was wiped out, so spent some time snuggling with the hubster watching Pardon the Interruption. Then it was off to shower in prep for bed.

Which is where I am now headed! G’night all!


4 thoughts on “My Kind Of Day

  1. That was a *seriously* busy day !

    Hope you had a good night`s sleep and I will definitely be stopping by to find out about the mystery event ! LOL.

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