The Special Event

The special event celebrated this evening was a “Surprise 21st Birthday” for our daughter. The picture above is the “gift” of love and artistry crafted by all of her younger cousins, done with colored chalk. Dear Daughter is the one squatting down in front of the group (said artists).

Happy Birthday our dear daughter! May God grant you many years!


8 thoughts on “The Special Event

  1. Uncle Jim, it is highly unlikely the young cousins will do the same for Auntie T next month. They live an hour away and there is no celebration party plannned (thank goodness).

    But I appreciate the thought!

  2. What a lovely gift from the kids. I bet it will put a smile on her face for a few more days to come (until the rains).

    Happy birthday to your dear daughter and Many Years!


  3. What a GREAT birthday card…driveway art!!! Now that is creative.

    Many years, indeed, for the birthday girl (and her mom and dad!)

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