Monday Meandering

Did a Monday meandering across the blogosphere and though many are worthy of visiting, I refer you to these two.

Dave posted some very good thoughts on the recent broo-ha-ha about the Pope’s words and the Muslim reaction. It is entitled “I want an Apology.”

Mimi needs your assistance for her Sunday school class. Go over and see if you can help her out. I already did.

Along a different line, yesterday I spent the afternoon pulling weeds out of the front flower bed. We purchased mulch a couple months ago and now have a bumper crop of thistles. We’ve concluded that the mulch must have been peppered with seeds. Argh! I spent 4.5 hours digging around and got most of the worst of it out.

This time I was smart and wore long pants and put on some bug spray. I didn’t want to revisit the ER for another spider bite similar to the one from last month. All my prep was to no avail. This time I saw the doctor for something that bit my ear. Yeah, I know…ridiculously funny.

This morning as I dried my hair I noticed my right ear was hot to the touch and looked a little swollen. By the time I got to work it swelled more and started to go numb. By the time I got a minute to call the doctor, the ear canal started to feel tight. The doc said, “Come over immediately!”

Need I say I walked out with a tetanus booster shot, a prednisone pack, and an antibiotic. Sheesh! I told the doc maybe I ought to get one of those floppy hats encased in mosquito netting!


5 thoughts on “Monday Meandering

  1. Elizabeth, I agree…I need a bee suit. Geesh!

    Morning Star, agreed…it ought to be a rock garden. Then all I could do is spray the weeds that grow between the rocks and forget everything else!

  2. Good grief, girl! Weeding your garden isn’t supposed to be so dangerous!

    I hope you feel better and will keep your SS student in my prayers.

  3. I know what you need, one of those all in one beekeeper`s suits and the special helmet with netting 🙂
    Or ask DH to employ a grdener for you. !
    Seriously, prayers for you, my dear.Take care of yourself.

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