On one of my list-servs, a group member mentioned a transition occuring in her life. It made me smile. In just a couple weeks I celebrate a birthday and I am thinking about how much closer I am to the half-century mark. Not old by any means but the body is reacting strangely to things that were once normal.

Today I had a plum with lunch and where I had a slight cut on my bottom lip, it swelled in what I suspect was a minor allergic reaction for about 30 minutes. This happened when I ate a ripe peach and had a small cut on my lip.

The antibiotic and steriod for the bug bite (which is well by the way) have wrecked havoc with the digestive system since Wednesday. I feel like a limp rag.

The week has been incredibly busy since the boss is preparing for a month long vacation in Peru. So we’ve been working like mad to get all the ducks in a row so there will be no worries for our clients. Thus the days have been long and tiring.

An afternoon of gardening requires an ibuprofen for the arthritis aches in elbows and hands.

Things like eating what I want when I wanted it or doing work or activity till 11:30 at night after having started the day at 6:00 a.m. don’t occur anymore.

Transition and adjustment. Almost like when the night moves into day or the day into night. Some animals and flowers are active and bright in the day. As the night comes, the transition causes them to close their petals or find their hollows. As the sun moves along the path of the sky, so do we through the path of life. When is our zenith? When is our sunset? Is it ours to know or only to allow the time to pass and be faithful to our purpose?

Some evening ruminations. No conclusions. I’ll leave that to others.

Off to pray and rest. May God grant all a night of peace and rest.


5 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. When I was in high school a friends mother told me,” Pete then thing about getting old is in your mind you can still do the things you used to could, but body has other ideas.”
    As I to approach a birthday I know what she means

  2. I’m getting those clues, too. People who I remember being my age are passing away. I see an ending to the road, at some point–so I have crested the hill. Sobering.

  3. I think it a great blessing that our bodies provide us gradually with little hints to slow down a bit. You can get so depressed at not being able to do what you used to be able to do, but the body keeps sending you “reminders” that you’ve labored in the heat of the day, and that the time is coming (in my case, has come) to rest from all the work and enjoy a few of the fruits of labor.

  4. Sounds a lot like my children – who, of course are no longer “child-like”. AND you can believe the number of birthdays and Anniversaries in our family that happen in October all the way for the first to the 26th.

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