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Dear Readers,

I commend to you another family member’s blog. She is my sis-in-law. The fun thing is she owns two horses. Stop by her blog Horse Tales, say HI, and tell her Philippa sent you! Maybe if you ask real nice, she’ll post some pictures of Shiloh and Hope.

In other news, my dear Mother asked to be remembered to you all. She is back in the hospital with blood clots in her legs. One clot has broken loose and settled in her lung. She is hanging in there. Her faith is strong and has said if God deems it is her time, she is ready to go Home. Tomorrow evening I shall be traveling to the hospital to see her along with my priest.

Love, Philippa


6 thoughts on “Family News

  1. Dear Philippa, You and your sweet mother have my prayers.

    When my mom was ill, one thing that was told to me was to clear your head before driving – I know how easy it is to let those thoughts ramble along, but the absolute last thing you need right now is to be in an accident.

    Prayers, hugs and love my friend. And, give your mom a hug from me.

  2. Our Jimmy had much the same attitude as his breathing got worse and worse, He was able to tell the Priest (RC) “I’m ready.” Prayers are with you and your mother.

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