A long week

I can’t remember the last time I was so happy to see 5:30 on a Friday. This has been a long and arduous week.

First, please let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all dear readers for your thoughtful comments and prayers for my Mom. Last night my priest accompanied me to the hospital (75 mins. away) to visit with, pray over, and anoint my Mom. She was absolutely thrilled! When the nurse came in to kick us out, after graciously letting us stay 45 mins. past the end of visiting hours, Mom introduced Father as “This is my priest!” It truly warmed my heart and I shall be indebted to Father forever for his kindness, gentleness, and giving heart towards my Mother.

She is doing well though last evening she was pale and greyish in color and kind of weak. I contribute that to her surgery earlier in the day to insert a little filter in the vena cava, whose purpose it is to catch any blood clots that may break loose from her legs. She cannot be on a blood thinner because she has internal complications that the blood thinner might cause to bleed. She hopes to be home Monday.

My thanks, as well, to all who visited Horse-Tales. I know we can be assured of great stories of the barn-drama that occurs where Shiloh lives.

Work has been good this week, and for the last few weeks. The boss is on vacation till mid-October so maintaining the flow of work is up to me. We have a new company hosting our website which is user friendly, meaning I will be able to upload documents and keep the data on the website current. Training is Wednesday. Along with this comes new email addresses which means that I will need to notify over 2000 contacts who live in Outlook, not to mention clients. That’s gonna be a bear of a task.

The house was in need of a good cleaning. So I started upstairs and worked my way across and down. Now it sparkles, there are no cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, and you can see your smile in the furniture. Even though the temperature was a cool and breezy 62 degrees (F), I cracked the windows to let some fresh air blow through the place. So with that crisp autumn smell coupled with the fresh orangey scent of the furniture polish, the house smells good too. I get such a good sense of accomplishment when I clean like that. I also finished all the laundry for the week.

Having accomplished so much today, I will have tomorrow afternoon free to review Sunday school material, paint the “Wheel of Fortune” board one of the parishioners made for me for Sunday school (I’ll use it for review games), and finish up my Astronomy homework. All that leaving Sunday afternoon free to put my feet up and read the paper.

May God bless your weekend.


5 thoughts on “A long week

  1. I am glad your mom is feeling better also.

    Can you come clean my house now? I don’t think anyone has ever seen their smile in furniture!

  2. So happy for the good news about your mom. I haven’t been posting much but I have been reading and praying.

    sickness still continues at my abode. A thoroughly cleaned house sounds wonderful.


  3. Good to hear your Mom is doing better. Those dear folks give us a few scares now and again!

    It is good to have the comfort of faith in these times.

    Oh, and it is close to 80 degrees here in the high plains.

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