Update On: Prayers Please

Update Sunday 10/01/06: My Sunday school student, JM, was in attendance today. He looks great and we were all happy to see him. Thanks be to God he was wearing a bike helmet while riding a motor-bike when he hit the tree. He is doing fine. So far he is experiencing a little muddledness while reading he said. It will take some time for his brain to heal but he was his same mischevious self in class, so I trust he is well on his way to recovery.

Glory to You and thanks be to You God for the healing of your young servant JM. May it continue according to Your Holy Will. Amen.

Posted Monday 9/18/06:…for one of my Sunday school students who was injured while riding some sort of bike (possibly motorized) and hit a tree. He has suffered a head injury with brain swelling. His name is JM.

Lord have mercy!


8 thoughts on “Update On: Prayers Please

  1. I’m tellin ya Uncle Jim, I thought I was being careful by putting bug spray on! Apparently, I need to spray every inch of myself! Geesh!!

    Unfortunately, even mosquito bites leave this kind of reaction. I guess the body doesn’t do so well against allergens anymore!

  2. We’ve had a couple accidents like that around here lately. Slow but steady improvements. Hope he has good doctors.

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