"___ years ago I…"

Cribbed this from Thormonger‘s blog.

25 years Ago I…
– Was 22
– My first husband died. I buried him. I moved back east from CA.
– I began a new life as a single Mom.
– I sent my parents on a cruise as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.

20 years Ago I…– Was 27
– I was remarried for 2 years.
– I had a new daughter.
– I was busy with kids and volunteering in a church.

15 Years Ago I…
– Was 32
– Had moved into a family oriented neighborhood in the Christmas City in PA
– Was in a bowling league called the “Holy Rollers” and had an average of 135

10 Years Ago I…
– Was 37
– Was looking forward to my 40’s!
– My Aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we bought a bigger home so she could move in with us
– My husband had a heart attack the day before my birthday

5 Years Ago I…
– Was 42
– My son was one year into his college career
– My daughter had started her high school career
– Had been back in the official work force for one year

4 years ago I…
– Was 43
– I started attending college to earn my Bachelor’s Degree
– Declared my major: history
– Made a really good college friend.
– Discovered Orthodoxy through a college class

2 Years Ago I…
– Was 45
– Was received into the Orthodox Church
– Moved back to PA from NC
– Was being beaten down by depression

1 Year Ago I…
– Was 46
– Was beating depression instead of visa versa
– Started redecorating the living room

Yesterday I…
– went to my Critical Thinking class and learned about fallacious arguments
– ironed 5 shirts
– enjoyed a beautiful afternoon
– attended Vespers
– enjoyed dinner with the hubster by a roaring fire

Today I…
– attended Divine Liturgy after teaching Sunday school
– spent the afternoon updating the Church’s website and reading the paper
– was taken to dinner to celebrate my birthday today
– turned 47

Tomorrow I…
– go to work
– do Astronomy homework
– enjoy dinner with the hubster

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  1. I added a Happy Birthday and Many Years to the comments on the day, but they never took, so I’ll try again.

  2. Hope you had a happy birthday, sis-in-law! It was great talking with you as always. Love to you and hubster…

  3. I’m sure that I can’t remember back that far. I did go to Church and a College music concert yesterday and today just got back from the funeral of a 90 year old long time friend.

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