Yes, I’m still here!

Thought it is very late in the Alan Household, and I should have been in the Land of Nod quite some time ago, something Elizabeth wrote over at The Garden Window has gotten me thinking. It sure has been a long time since my last post. It is interesting how many people connect with one another via cyberspace, receiving encouragement and comfort from another’s words. I can’t help but wonder what that has to say about the people in our society. Are we that hungry for connections, that lonely in the place where we are that we reach across fiber-optics or whatever to feel a part of a community of sorts? I dunno. It’s worth thinking about.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work and classes. My Critical Thinking class is almost over. It is only half a semester long and I’ll be glad when it’s finished. I’ve not enjoyed the professor, the material, or my fellow classmates. Despite this, I’m doing better than I had hoped. I am fairly certain I’ve a solid B for a grade. (Quiz # 1=80, Quiz # 2=80, Mid-term=91). This Saturday will be the last class then the following Saturday will be our Final.

This will allow me to focus more on my Astronomy class. This coming Monday we have our first test, a Mid-term exam. I’ve gotten my study sheets completed, homework assignments completed and am procrastinating on the research paper but have a good outline. I am finding the scentific jargon difficult to remember, as well as all the concepts behind the formulas. Frankly, I just don’t find the stars, moon, etc. interesting. They are beautiful! Don’t misunderstand me. I just don’t care about blackbodies, black holes, and other universes where there may be planets with life on them just like the Earth. I don’t care what an Astronomical Unit is and whether it is bigger or smaller than a Parse. Okay?! Nonetheless, I’m studying and praying I pass the class!

As it is pushing mid-night, I am off to the Land of Nod.

May God bless all as you end (or start) the day the Lord has made!


6 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still here!

  1. The only astronomy terms I know are culled from Star Trek ..blush..

    I would love to get a telescope one day and just start exploring and enjoying the views of the night sky, though….

  2. Sometimes astronomy seems more a state of mind than an activity. Many people are sold on the idea that one must have a large telescope in order to enjoy astronomy. Well, a telescope certainly is useful; and a large telescope will show more than a small telescope; but of greater importance is a little knowledge and imagination.

    From Willie R. Meghar’s Astronomy Blog

  3. David, thanks for sharing that quote. I like that word embroidered too! There have been moments in class when something the professor said has made me pause and say “WOW” realizing how vast our universe is, that we know very, very little and it all helps me see truly how big God is.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don’t think people are lonely and go to the web for connection. I think the web is just another way to connect with people. I love how connected I can be with my family.

    Brian Greene in his second book about string theory (along with healthy dicussion of balack holes and other fun stuff) writes
    …the ultramicroscopic fabric of the cosmos is embroidered with the richest of textures. Brian Greene from The Fabric of the Cosmos

    To me, embroidered is a very active verb. I love to find God’s finger prints in so many places.

  5. I’m with you — parsecs, (yawn). Probably writing the very word put you to sleep.

    Nice to hear from you, though. The Critical Thinking class, though I understand how irritating it can be, really is, well, critical, especially to people who are still under the age of 30. I aced mine, mostly because I was pushing 50 when I took it.

  6. Sleep well: and my prayers are with you.

    [I do find AUs and parsecs and all that very interesting: but it probably says something about me! 😀 :D]

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