Today’s Mailbox Contents UPDATE

The hubster quipped upon bringing in the mail, “Based on what came in today’s mail we can ‘Learn How to Pray the Scriptures with the Church’ while wearing a flannel shirt.”

Can you guess what mail came today?

Hint for the ‘prayer’ one: part of the remainder of the front of the envelope says, ‘Our Daily devotional Guide gives you: patterns of daily prayer from the ancient churches.’ Theodora Elizabeth will know this one.

Trivia Answer:
1) An advertisement from the Fellowship of St. James for their devotional guide. It is the publisher of Touchstone Magazine.
2) The catalogue was Woolrich.

Good guesses!


6 thoughts on “Today’s Mailbox Contents UPDATE

  1. Ladies, ladies…read the post again. I wrote “front of the envelope.” Catalogues don’t come in envelopes…at least mine don’t.

    You’re both close with the flannel shirt one. Another hint for that one is: the company begins with a “W”.


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