Parish’s Annual Meeting

Most people hate meetings. I do too most of the time, but I have always enjoyed annual meetings. I like the review the past year and the opportunity to give thanks to God for what has happened, both good and bad. This year was no different, except at one point I got all choked up. Geesh.

Finances are tight this year. The budget was balanced but the cuts were deep, especially to Sunday school and Youth programs, to achieve that goal. People have a tendency to give to line items and not the general fund. I told the Council President, who was apologetic, not to fret. My reaction ought to be the least of his concerns. We’ll get through the year and have a good one inspite of the lack of funds.

It did provide an opportunity for me to pipe up about good stewardship and the Biblical teaching of tithing. Yeah, I stuck my foot in the proverbial hornet’s nest. Somebody had to. Some hackles went up but they’ll settle down. What it did though was give me a chance to tell everyone how blessed I feel being a part of Holy Trinity, how much I love it, how evident our love for one another is, how blessed we are to have the priest we do, as well as good leadership, and that we all give of our time and talents. I got all choked up. I’m such a sap.

The Sunday school report was a non-event. At least I thought it was going to be. I gave the stats, an overview of the program, blah, blah, blah. I concluded with, “Thank you for allowing me to teach your children, our children, about God and to love Him. Pray for me.” Standard fare. Then I sat down. And everyone applauded. Awww…shoot.

After the meeting one of the mom’s gave me a big hug and thanked me. I was stunned and speechless (yeah, a rarity for me!). Then the grandmother of two students gave me a rose from the bush in the church’s backyard, accompanied by a big hug, a pat on the cheek and special words.

For most, if not all, of the journey through this God-given life, we toil planting seeds, pulling weeds, hoeing, raking, fertilizing, tilling, talking, hugging, scolding, weeping, rejoicing and other sundry things. All largely unrecognized, as it should be. We do not serve God with the intention of being recognized, to receive awards or anything of the sort.

Every once in awhile, though, God sends a rose.


3 thoughts on “Parish’s Annual Meeting

  1. How sweet indeed – and well earned, P – your love for your “kids” comes through in your posts.

    Annual Meetings are interesting, aren’t they?

  2. Being in charge of any kind of program for kids is difficult…kudos to you for doing AND going to school AND working full time. I don’t know how you do it!

    God bless!

  3. How sweet. Never thought I’d be saying THAT about an Annual Parish meeting! LOL

    God bless you for teaching the kids. I know the challenge that job brings.

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