Final Grade Report

Critical Thinking: B-


Update: My very sincerest thanks to all my readers, for your kind and generous words. David, all I know is my eye glazed over every time I tried to read anything of depth from the Critical Thinking text! And tests are NOT my thing. Ask me to write a paper…excellent! Ask me to take a test…I’m doomed!


10 thoughts on “Final Grade Report

  1. WoooHOOO indeed. I had a philosophy class in college. That’s close to critical thinking isn’t it? Anyway, the professor advised me to drop the class before I flunked. I did, drop I mean. So my hat’s off to you!!

  2. Sweetheart! CONGRATULATIONS! I always knew you were smart and could do anything if you really wanted to. I am so very proud of you. You should be very proud of yourself too.

    Love and Hugs

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