Things I’ve Done….Answers

Okay! Okay! I’ll give a few, operative word here is ‘few’, more details as requested. But I’m warning you, it’s not as elegant as you may hope for it to be.

#67. Performed On Stage
Well, no one said it had to be Broadway right? So here’s the story. When I was in first grade, one of my classmates and I were asked to sing on stage in a performance for some special occasion. I’ll be darned if I can remember what it was for! Perhaps Mother does? MOM? Anyway, we sang, “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round.” Everyone laughed!! I was mortified! Years later I learned they were laughing because they all thought we were so cute not because we looked ridiculous. Also, I’ve performed on stage while in high school. I was part of a marching team that also danced at band concerts. We also competed. We won first place in the Blossom Festival in Niagra Falls, Canada too many years ago to count! That’s the extent of my performing…and that term is used quite loosely!

#93. Been in the room when someone was giving birth
There are 10 years of age between my younger sister and I. So when she was pregnant with her first child, she asked me, her big Sis, to be her coach. I was touched! Thus I was present when my niece was born. I’ll tell you what! It sure is different being the one standing up rather than lying down! It is no more miraculous watching a birth than it is giving birth. What an awesome experience!

#94. Hitchhiked
Here’s another boring story. It was during a snowstorm and the work day ended. I raced to catch the bus only to find that due to the many, many inches of snow on the ground, they weren’t running on time and were far and few between. So another girl and I started hitchhiking home. I got about half way home and needed to call my Dad for a ride the rest of the way. It was awful! And stupid. But it was 27 years ago so perhaps a tad safer? Nah…probably not!


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