In Awesome Wonder

Things I learned in Astronomy class tonight that were new to me:

It would take 3,827,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lightbulbs to make the same brightness as the Sun. Dude, that is a serious electric bill!!!

The Sun’s light that shines in our day is from the past because it takes 8.32 minutes to get to us.

It would take 109 Earth’s all lined up in a row to make the radius of the Sun.

The Sun rotates! I did NOT know that! It takes 35 days to rotate at the poles and 25 days to rotate at the equator. I wanna know why that is!! That’s just very interesting.

AND…our solar system rotates in the galaxy! Imagine that!

How someone could not believe in God when you learn this stuff I just can’t fathom. Everything just fits together so perfectly. It is hard to imagine what the world was like before sin entered the picture, especially when I think of how beautiful and wonderous it is now!


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