Reclaiming my phone

I want to know why the “Do not Call” list doesn’t include preventing those candidate running for office from calling my house. I had been getting canned messages on my phone for the last week.

I want my silent phone back! NOW!

I’m envisioning a letter to the editor! Argh!


5 thoughts on “Reclaiming my phone

  1. How ’bout it! Junk mail galore to stoke the fire!

    Thanks for visiting my blog Matthew the Curmdugeon. Southern Cal eh? I used to live there for a very brief time many, many years ago. Lovely area!

  2. Here in Southern California we’ve been getting these phone trash for weeks! Day and night! And then the mail box is full of huge candidate ads like you wouldn’t believe. This has got to stop. God help all of us!!!

  3. There was a big hullaballo [love that word] about this when a few started doing it in the last election down here: it wasn’t well received.

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