Food shopping craziness!

I really don’t like food shopping. I don’t know why. I just do. Today, I wanted to smack the following:

– a parent who allowed their child to stand in the basket of a shopping cart. In the parking lot no less! Apparently the parent is unaware of the danger. I know of a parent who allowed her child to do this. He fell out, suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fractured his skull in several places after thwacking the ground. She said his head sounded the same as when a cantaloupe is dropped on the pavement.

– people who park their shopping carts in the middle at the end of an aisle way and just stare/glare at you like you are the offender of the aisle block.

I’m sure there are more things that I’ll add as they come to mind, but for now this is it.

What drives you crazy about food shopping?


11 thoughts on “Food shopping craziness!

  1. Thanks for all the comments! Many things listed are additions to my list like:
    -(Laura’s) too many people in the limit # items line
    -Louise’s attack boxes of jello, though it is cans of tomatoes that attack me. Sigh

    And I’m with Meg…home delivery! Yay!

  2. People. There are always people in the store. For years, going to the store gave me panic attacks. There are things in stores like attack boxes of Jell-o.

  3. Tyler Tx seems to never have quite what I am looking for. We finally have decent chocolate (scharfen-berger) but the other day I went to the local monopoly and they only had one brand of cocoa powder…sigh. Maybe someday we will get a Whole Foods

  4. Any time I have to take the kids. There is something about Tesco that makes them go nuts.

    My shopping drives Mrs H crazy, because I always returned with things that weren’t on the list I was given.

  5. People who let their kids stand in the basket of the trolley – food is meant to be going in there, not kids !
    Definitely a hygiene hazard from shoes.

  6. All of the above, plus people who let their kids run around the store like maniacs. And checkout clerks who are too busy gossipping to pay attention to what they are doing. I keep wondering when my local supermarket is going to offer delivery service — you know, you call them up with your order and they drop it at your door, and for the next week all you have to worry about is fresh milk and bread, and the occasional vegetable.

  7. This is so petty…but it really bothers me when people who have more than the allowed number of items in the “x” # of items only” line at the store. I like to shop if I’m alone, but usually I have the kids with me and I’d prefer to get it over with…so it makes me crazy if I have to wait because someone else can’t follow the rules!!!

    Thanks for giving space to vent.

  8. Too many choices! I have to spend way too much time chosing a bottle of shampoo when there are 50 choices.. . just from one brand!

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