Joyful Sorrow

Today a long ago friend died. Her name was Tracy. She leaves behind her 11 year old son, her Mother, and her brother, as well as many, many friends. She suffered with bone cancer for 4 years and lost the battles this afternoon. Her life was much too short and filled with many struggles. But with Grace she managed it all.

“All of you who sorrow and weep, rejoice, for your grief is not unto death; in the sorrow of Christ it is reserved for the resurrection.”
Fr. Matthew the Poor in The Communion of Love


2 thoughts on “Joyful Sorrow

  1. (you have a pretty funny typo in your post, just so you know).

    May her Memory be Eternal. Too young to die, and her son is too young. My heart grieves.

  2. Philippa, our lives have been completely out of whack this week, so have not been able to respond on our various mutual groups. But please accept my condolences for your great loss, and be assured that Tracy’s family and soul are in my prayers — as are you. Love you!

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