Saturday’s Stroll

Haven’t been blogging in a week or so, as you, dear readers can see. The plate is full to overflowing but today there seems to be a tad bit of breathing room. Thus, a post! Woooo-hooo!

Took a stroll through the blog-o-sphere today, something else I’ve not done in a week. Caught up on all the good posts I’ve missed. My Bloglines was overflowing with new feeds from my favorite bloggers.

Uncle Curmudge has some nice pics of his nephews and a well written poem, penned by himself, about the Nativity.

Cuz Pete has a cool arrangement of pics from Thanksgiving.

West Coast Mimi has had some snow, quite an unusual occurrence for her location. My boss was in Mimi’s fair state and when checking in as she does when she travels, said the area was a weather mess. All of which made its way to us last night with some serious winds and heavy rain. We went from a record breaking 70 degrees (F) to 45 in 6 hours. Not fun to try and walk in, I assure you. Especially for one as small as me!

Morning Coffee has a couple interesting posts. The first is of her new ‘do! She is lookin’ good! The second is, Alana, has taken on discussing the Emergent Church. I know just about zippo about this topic so look forward to her ruminations.

James bemoans the new fashion in jeans. I am so with him in that bemoaning! Talk about ugly!

Will be posting a cool meme found at Laura’s Front Porch, later in the day once I figure out how to do a strikethrough!



2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Stroll

  1. the area was a weather mess

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Thank you for the shout out.

    When you figure out how to strike through, would you let me know? Thanks!

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