Can it be it has been nearly a week and a half since my last post?! Time surely does fly.

I hope that you, my dear readers, had a blessed Nativity and safe New Year celebration. Ours was quiet and relaxed, which was very nice.

I’ve been hearing of so many people with bad, bad viruses and flu. Children spiking high fevers (over 104.5), adults with GI distress that ebbs and flows and ear infections abound. The weather hasn’t helped with all this since we have been experiencing near Spring like temperatures. This weekend the weather prognosticators expect us to see 65 degrees F! My daylilies are popping shoots. That does not bode well for when Spring really does roll around.

Hope that you and yours are well.


2 thoughts on “Sicky-pooh

  1. I have just a touch of a cold, but it seems to be holding off and maybe going away.

    My nephew and sister were sick while we were visiting.

  2. add me to the list. Been holding my tummy all day. This after dealing two sicky kids. I’m regretting not taking my Airborne.

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