Lost! Aaaagh!

UPDATE: I found the quarters! Whoo-hooo! And of the 7 I pilfered from the hubster’s change from his trip to the west coast, 5 filled empty slots! Woot!

I collect new state quarters and my son bought me the little books into which you put the “P” and “D” type quarters. I canNOT find them! Argh!

I also canNOT find my copy of On the Incarnation with all my class notes written in the margins. Argh!!!

I HATE when I canNOT find stuff!!


4 thoughts on “Lost! Aaaagh!

  1. I agree with Jim – how come they don’t make holders that actually hold the coins?

    We collect the State Quarters too, but not the P and D ones, just one per state.

  2. Leave them alone and they’ll come home. The quarters don’t fit very well in those slots anyway. And that is why I am a curmudgeon!

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