Undertook a couple major projects over the holidays that I had hoped to complete before classes started.

Father T asked me to do some sewing for him. He wanted covers for all the Liturgical vessels that are stored in the Table of Oblation. He gave me material that was used for either the Tetrapod or elsewhere in the Nave. I ripped the seams, hand washed it, and ironed it to prepare it for reuse. He also had some old material that appeared to be a curtain in its former life.

Out of this I made two draw string bags in which chalices would fit, three bags with snap closures for three diskos, and three flat bags with snap closures for three stars.

Also there are 10 or so spoons and knives used to prepare and serve the Holy Mysteries that needed a safe storage bag. Until now they just rattled around in a drawer getting all banged up. I designed a felt lined cloth with pockets into which each item is slipped. Then when done, you can roll the cloth so it becomes like a tube and tie it closed. I also made one for Fr. T’s three knives that belong to him personally, this way he has something nice in which he can transport them and they won’t get knicked up.

The most special item I was blessed to make was a cover for the Antimins called a Eileton. Until now Fr. T was using a maroon communion cloth which was not quite big enough. He purchased a replacement Eileton from Russia but was very unhappy with it. Actually, though it was well made, the material was rough and thin enough to see through. Father was fearful crumbs from the Lamb would stick to it. So he sent me on a mission to find slippery, silky material to make a new one.

I priced silk (at $24 a yard) but I couldn’t find any in the blood red maroon he wanted. Lo and behold I found material at a local fabric chain store on sale at $5 a yard that was slippery and the right color. One and a half yards and two hours later I had a Eileton.

Though I measure it three times, it came out too small according to the measurements I had on hand. However, when Father wrapped the Anitmins in it, the size was absolutely perfect! Glory to God!

I am not a seamstress by any measure but I was happy to give my simple skills towards so many special items. Making these Liturgical items was truly a blessing.

The other project was to make curtains for our newly decorated bedroom. Unfortunately I did not buy enough material that matched the quilt to make swag valances. But the simple cafe type top worked just fine. The room is nearly done. All I need to do is re-mat a picture and then hang it and several others and the room is finito!

Whew! Just in time…my first class is Wednesday. One day to spare!


5 thoughts on “Sewing

  1. Well done !
    I take my hat off to you for your skill; I could not have even thought of attempting to do tasks like these 🙂

  2. Shades of ab,she used to make priests vestments and altar cloths etc for her pastor. She also mended torn and worn cloths that were used during communion. I’m proud of you that the wonderful talants God has given you are bein put to use. You wear a lot of hats ,my Dear Heart. Praise the Lord, for He is good. Amen

  3. Visions of Scarlett O’Hara flashed through my head. Turning curtains into something more useful. I’m impress. I have no sewing skills at all. I do however have a vintage Elna taking up space in my closet in case I ever get a visit from the sewing fairy. Do you leave a broken needle under your pillow to get her to visit?

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