First Week Out of the Gate

Woke up to a little dusting of the ‘white stuff’ on the ground. Enough for me to say, “Oh how pretty. Hope we don’t get more!” And enough to cause all sorts of accidents on the roads. Apparently, people forget how to drive on slippery surfaces from winter to winter.

This week have attended both classes I am taking this semester. Both prove to be very interesting.

The first meets on Wednesday and Friday mornings and is an American History class. (I am not fond of American History.) We will be looking at those who were opposed to the new fangled goverment the Revolutionary Generation was proposing and thinking about “Gee, what if they had won?” The class size is small. Only 7 showed up for class and yours truly is the only ‘adult’ over 21 in the class besides the prof. Of course, the youngsters know more about American History than yours truly. I shall toss my 2 cents in just to score points for class participation. In the meantime, I shall be taking copious notes for the 8 essays that are required.

The second class, World Geography, meets once a week on Thursday night from 7:15 to 9:45. That makes for a looooooooooong day after working 8 hours. The class is quite full with over 40 students, of which yours truly is one of two ‘adults over 21.’ The other is a firefighter named John. We circled the wagons to protect ourselves from the ‘I know everything and you don’t!’ vibes that were overflowing the room.

The prof is an Army Officer (who won’t reveal his rank or what he does) who is an ‘advisor’ to the State of New Jersey. He seems funny and easy going. He’ll probably kick our butts when it comes to grading. He has traveled the wide world and will be sharing his experiences (and I’m hoping pictures too!). We have two exams (mid-term and final) and one presentation (which is worth 70 points!) on an assigned country.

I got the assigned joy of researching Cuba. Dang! I was hoping for some cool place like Algeria or Uzbekistan or maybe Italy.

On an exciting note, found out that three excellent history classes are being offered this summer: Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, and 17th Century Europe. Decisions, decisions! Mostly which summer session they are offered will help determine which classes I take.

Trust all is well out in cyber-land amongst my dear readers.

Whassup wit ‘cho all?


One thought on “First Week Out of the Gate

  1. Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, and 17th Century Europe.

    My vote? Medieval Europe!

    Cuba? I think that will be fascinating, plus you have the potential to have some major news coming in the midst of your report timeframe.

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