Special Moments

Yesterday held two special moments.

The first was the celebration of my dearest Auntie’s 90th birthday. She had always hoped to live to be 100. She is only 10 years shy! However, it is unlikely that she will be aware if she achieves that great milestone because she has Alzheimer’s. It was quite clear to me that she was unsure of what was going on, the fact that the celebration was in her honor, and that she was as old as 90. It also was clear that she did not know most of us who were present. Nonetheless, in the midst of the sorrow was joy! Many years Auntie! Many years!

The second was the ordination to protestant ministry of a very special friend (ML). It has been quite some time since I’ve attended an ordination service. This one was done well. The charge to the candidate was given by the pastor/mentor of ML’s and it was well done. It was probably the best ‘sermon’ I’ve ever heard that pastor give.

The other event in the ordination that moved me to tears was following the laying on of hands to ordination. It is the tradition that all those who are ordained ministers present in the congregation go forward to lay their hands upon the candidate, with one minister invoking through prayer, the Holy Spirit, to come upone the candidate. Following this, generally, the newly ordained person gives a few remarks. Not ML. Nope. He, instead, went to the back of the church and brought his wheel-chair bound, cancer stricken father forward for ALL of the ministers to lay their hands upon him and pray for healing.

ML’s father never could understand why his son wanted to be a minister. Yet yesterday afternoon ML’s father witnessed ‘why’ his son wanted to serve our Most High God.

Herman cited this quote: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” –attributed to Abraham Lincoln

Yesterday ML gave witness to what he will do, and is doing, with the power God has given him to serve Him.

Axios! Axios! Axios! Many years ML! Many years!


3 thoughts on “Special Moments

  1. wow! many years!
    there were three birthdays at our church for jan.22nd. is this her birhtday or the 21st?

  2. Many Years! That is a blessed day indeed! Wonderful news on both fronts.

    (and, wasn’t it Herman’s quote?)

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