Driving Test

Here you go folks! How good a driver are you? Do you know the rules of the road? Take this test and see! Post your score, if you dare!

Me: 90%!


5 thoughts on “Driving Test

  1. I got 80% missing 3,6,7, and 14. We have a lot of turns in Billings. I seldom wait until “all” cars have cleared if the next one is quite a ways back. And it’s been so long since I was in Amish country I forgot what that red triangle means.

  2. National Drivers Test – Results
    Your score was: 90%

    Parking on hills and rain. BTW, I have seen as many deaths in Texas due to rain as I ever saw in Montana due to snow. Rain is DANGEROUS!

  3. Wow! Ths was an eye opener. I only got 65%, and I thought I really knew the rules of the road.
    I guess its time to go back to the books.

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