Many things!

A weekend where not much was planned except reading about the secession of the Southern States beginning in 1860, laundry, cleaning, and church turned out to be only two of those.

Awakened Saturday morning by a panicked voice on the telephone from the latter half of Farr Healey Consulting who said “Help!” Why? Because a draft report was due and the admin who drafted the report was no where to be found. Thus the request, “Do you have time?” Philippa to the rescue!

As I trotted downstairs to turn on the fax machine and check email, what did I find but a dead computer! Uh oh…and a fax machine that was being tempermental…did not bode well for the day.

After diving into clothes and tossing breakfast down my throat, I ran to the office to retreive email and the faxed paperwork, planning to pick up a spare laptop that way lying around. When I tried to install the files, the CD drive wouldn’t work. Since the laptop was ancient, thus no floppy drive or USB port, plan 2 was enacted.

The long and short of it was, I ended up meeting the latter half of FHC half way between our respective locations to pick up a laptop on which to do the report. Thus Saturday night was spent inputting data in order to compose the draft report.

Yesterday afternoon, I puzzled over what could be wrong with my computer. The computer would boot up and run, so I knew it wasn’t anything with the operating system. The problem was, it kept shutting down after 10 minutes or so. Hmmm…the fan wasn’t running to cool the guts. So, being the curious cat that I am, I pulled the computer apart to see how hard it would be to take the fan out and replace it with a new one.

After removing what felt like a bajillion screws and a couple of bloody knuckles later, I had the power source which housed the fan, out of the guts. I jumped in the car and ran to the closest computer parts warehouse where $60 later I was dashing home to install it. The first attempt at replugging all the do-hickeys back in resulted in nothing. No power. No nothing! The second attempt of plugging them in worked! YEAH! Computer hum.

A couple hours of virus definition download, running scans, etc. and the baby is humming like a top. Now of course, dutiful person that I am, I started back up’s of all the files. Still have many more to do, photos especially.

I also managed to get the report done and emailed to the boss, 2 loads of laundry, and hand washed a couple altar coverings for Father.

Now to do some reading of those Southerners who were defenders of the South’s right to secession under Article 5 of the Constitution.


4 thoughts on “Many things!

  1. You’re on your way to computer geekdom. It sounds a lot more interesting than reading about the South’s secession anyway.

  2. Eeek ! You`re a braver gal than me, prodding inside the innards of a computer !
    Glad you managed to get it all sorted in the end -well done !

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