One just never knows

My dear daughter was shocked to speechlessness when I told her about the arrest of her former middle school assistant, now head, principal. Read about it here.

How does a 22 year veteran of education and school principal get wrapped up in allegedly selling and using crystal meth? This is just tragic and sad and a whole lot of other things.

Lord have mercy.


4 thoughts on “One just never knows

  1. meth is evil.

    a former co-worker of mine was arrested one night for selling meth to an undercover officer on his way to work… the story is that my former co-worker was even in his correctional officer uniform at the time of his arrest.

    you would think working in an environment where you see that ‘crime does not pay’ would cause one to think twice….

  2. Thank the Good Lord I don’t have to worry about my children anymore,Howevewr, scarier now I worry about all my Grandbabes. I don’t like what is happening in my world. How can we stop this scum and protect the innocent?

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