All I Want For Christmas Is…

…my two front teeth!

Remember singing that song when you were around the age of 5 or 6 and you couldn’t bit an apple to save your life because you had a hole big enough to drive a Mack Truck through where your two front teeth used to be? Well, have I a story for you!

One of my adult children (AC) works in a child care/pre-school as a teacher. AC has 13 students and two assistants. The children range in age from 14 months to 2 years.

As many of you may remember, biting can be a real problem at that age. When the teeth start to bud, the child’s gums can get so swollen and sore all they want to do is bite down on something and it doesn’t matter what it is! Additionally, the child doesn’t know how to deal with their anger and frustration, so they will bite.

Well, AC has been engaged in battle with a student, who will remain nameless to protect the guilty! He is about 14 months old but looks to be three. A bruiser of a boy! Cute as a button! He frequently bit other students. And not just a tiny bite, but a big one – the kind that leave bruises and blood.

Earlier this week, Mr. B. was in the tub and Mommy was washing him down. He started to jump. Mommy grabbed him, telling him to stop because it was not safe. And guess what happened? Oh c’mon! Guess?

You got it! He jumped, slipped, and whacked his two front teeth on the edge of the tub, knocking them clear in half leaving exposed nerves. Off to the dentist Mom, Dad and Mr. B went to have the remaining stubs removed and a few stitches put in.

Now those 4 adorable baby teeth are gone and only two adorable eye teeth remain. Mr. B. will now need to attend speech therapy because his permanent ones won’t come in until he is 5 or so and he needs to learn to talk properly. Without two front teeth to put his tongue against, he will not learn proper tongue position for clear pronunciation.

And the next day back at school, Mr. B. attempted to sink his adorable teeth into a playmate only to jump back at the pain from his little stitches. His playmate turned to him with a look on his face that said, “Huh? Are you trying to gum me?”

Ah! Tell me God does not have a sense of humor!


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