Quest for Wellness

It was a long week last week. Bah! Who am I kidding? It’s been a long Lent! Here we are at Holy Week already. An odd phenomenon – a long Lent yet Pascha is upon us!

Last week I was diagnosed with food allergies along with the environmental allergies I’ve known about nearly all my life. The endoscopy I had the end of February revealed acid reflux/GERD, as well as allergens in the esophagus. Here is my feeble attempt to type out the ‘formal’ word correctly; esineophil-esophagitis (or something close to that). According to the doctors, this is a new thing. So far it has meant one more pill in the daily regime, which has made me most unhappy.

The food allergies are to peanuts (legumes), tree nuts, and soybean (which is used as a filler in just about every single solitary food you can think of). Of course (said with great cynicism). The treatment, you ask? Avoid the offending foods. Now, I’ll tell you, dear readers, it is not too difficult to avoid peanuts/tree nuts. But try to avoid soybean! YIKES! I must of stood in the cracker aisle at the food store for nearly 20 minutes reading labels. This weekend I made two loaves of bread. Forget the store bought stuff.

In order to get a better handle on this problem, and to get myself off of the pills, I am going on a quest for wellness! I refuse to spend the last half of my life taking pill after pill, spending more time in the doctor’s office than out, and feeling sick all the time after everything I eat.

First stop, keeping a wellness diary. I found one here in the middle of the article. As I do each year, I started a journal the beginning of 2007. I will use it to keep the wellness diary to help figure out what is going on in my system. Clearly it is off kilter (NO smarmy comments folks!) and needs to have balance restored. The one item I will be adding to the diary is daily prayer.

I’ve begun the food elimination thing. No nuts, soy, etc. Cook all the food I eat from scratch. And go from there. I may even try this Quick-Cleanse idea. I still need to read further.

To help me on this quest, I plan on using my blog to help me. How I don’t know. It will have to evolve. If I may enlist your prayers, dear readers, I would be most appreciative.

And so….let the Quest begin!!


6 thoughts on “Quest for Wellness

  1. Maybe you should see Uncle Curmudge’s doctor. It sounds like he gives better news.:) Good luck in the pursuit of wellness.

  2. Just back from my semi-anual visit to my Internist. See Blog. Here’s my med regime:
    My Current Medications


    Acetaminophen As Needed
    Antacid As Needed
    Allergy Tablet 4 mg In Season
    Multivtamin at breakfast
    Asprin 81 mg Daily
    Atenolol 50 mg at bedtime
    Gemfibrozol 600 mg bid
    Isosorbid 40 M bid
    Norvasc 5 mg at breakfast
    Nitrostat 0.4 mg As needed
    Lipitor 80 mg Bedtime
    Zetia 10 mg Bedtime

  3. Well…I hate to hear that you have all of this to deal with…but it sounds as though you have a pretty spunky attitude about it all! I will keep you in my prayers and here’s to renewed health!

  4. “I refuse to spend the last half of my life taking pill after pill, spending more time in the doctor’s office than out, and feeling sick all the time after everything I eat.”


    (Ya know what the *worst* is? When you find yourself spending more time at the doctor’s than at church!!!)

  5. Philippa,
    abigailI am so sorry to read of your health issues.
    Be assured of my prayers !
    Have a blessed Holy Week !

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