What a day!

After a few days of avoiding soy my congested throat doesn’t feel so congested anymore. That’s a really nice thing! I even was able to enjoy a tuna sandwich with vegan mayo. It had soy in it but the ingredient was labelled Non-GMO. A quick google search revealed that something which is identified as Non-GMO means the food product has not been genectically manipulated in any fashion. Curiously, my “allergic reaction” was significantly less than it has been with real mayo/salad dressing. I plan on taking a trip through the organic aisle one more time to see if I can hunt down a mayo substitute that doesn’t have any soy at all. It may be a fruitless search though.

Unfortunately, due to all these digestive problems and food issues, I’ve lost a few pounds. Those who know me, know that is not good. Even one or two pounds makes a significant difference on my tiny frame. I’ve lost four. I’m not sure how I’ll get them back on, though I am sure if I exercised that would help. One more thing to add to the list.

I’m forcing myself to take all this slowly. I know if I run out of the gate at a head-long rush, I’ll lose momentum. I can’t afford to do that with this. So, slow and steady it will be. First I need to address the food allergies. I’ll address formalized exercise later. In the interim, I make sure to park at the far end of the parking lot when shopping, walk at a quick pace, run up and down the stairs, etc. For now that will suffice.

I’ve also noticed that when ingesting drinks or other food items that have high fructose corn syrup, the stomach and throat aren’t happy. Not nearly as bad as with peanuts, soy and almonds…but…this will be one more additive to remove from the diet.

Now that I’m reading labels, it is shocking all the crap that is in food. No wonder so many people are developing food allergies! We’re eating all processed crap and not natural food. Uh oh! I’m starting to sound like a reformed smoker who tells everyone the hazards of smoking! LOL!

My classes continue to go very well. My history professor gave me ‘good point’ and ‘good job’ on my most recent paper. His comments mean more to me that the grade (well…kinda!) It always is a nice feeling when your professor tells you that you’ve done a good job and have effectively summarized the topic at hand. Woot!

I’m registered for Summer classes. Now to look at the Fall. A foreign language is a definite. I’ve chickened out on Russian. Now is not the time to take a class that would be a major bear. I’m going to skate with Spanish and plan on taking Greek AFTER the degree is attained!

Holy Unction was a wonderful blessing. I do enjoy the Gospel readings though am not sure how they fit into healing. I’ll have to re-read them and think about it all more. I brought some holy oil home so that I might anoint Mom and Dad when I see them. And perhaps DS if he’ll let me.

‘Night all!


4 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. I am sorry about your weight struggle and understand it…my mom struggles in a similar way. I struggle as well but on the other end of the spectrum. One thing I have observed in my travels is that food in Europe is just better…a lot less preservatives and chemicals, far more natural and the EU is decidedly anti-GMO. Every time I go to Europe I eat all I want and lose weight. I am convinced it is the additives and garbage in our food sources that compound my weight problem. It doesn’t surprise me that they affect your food allergies as well.

    Find yourself some high fat, high calorie, non-soy containing food and eat hearty–even if you don’t like it. A kind of fast in one way…if you think about it.

    Holy Unction was incredible. It is a profound cap to the Bridegroom services. I had the privilige of holding the basket for the waste cotton balls last night (most of our parishoners dab off the excess oil after the anointed) so I got to watch everyone as they received the Sacrament. So much joy and hope. Tuesday was confession for me. This morning Holy Communion…wow, three Sacraments in three days, an Orthodox triple header. Fully fortified now for the rest of Holy Week. May yours be blessed.

  2. Holy Unction is indeed a wondrous service.

    Great to hear about your classes: and the languages sound great.

    Continued prayers ascending from Down Under…

  3. I watch the food channel some and I’ve seen them make their own mayo, it looks easy if you have a food processor. I don’t exercise and I gain wait, so I’m thinking that if you do exercise you will lose more, unless you’re thinking that you will be working up an appetite! Bon Appetit! 😉

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