O Holy Theotokos!

Beholding her own lamb led to the slaughter, Mary followed with the other women, in distress and crying out:

“Where goest Thou, my child? Why dost Thou run so swift a course? Surely there is not another wedding in Cana to which Thou now dost hasten to change water into wine? Shall I come with Thou, my child, or shall I wait for Thee? Give me a word, O Thou who art the Word. Do not pass me by in silence, O Thou who didst keep me pure, for Thou art my Son and my God.”

-from Holy Friday Matins-


3 thoughts on “O Holy Theotokos!

  1. This is so sadly beautiful. It brought tears flowing for a long time. I was grateful that my tears in church on Good Friday flowed softly and not hystericaly like I sometimes get when I follow the stations of the cross..
    When Dad and I went to kneel before the Cross to kiss the barren cross he said you better not do this you will fall over. I said I have to How could I not. It was the least I could do after all HE did for me,I owe HIM big time. So I put my thick purse on the floor and knelt, kissed the cross. I was able to finally get up with help and my cane. My gift is the black and blue all over my knees. I wear them like a banner. Praise my Lord Jesus and bless all thos who believe in HIM

  2. My favorite, like Meg it’s dogeared in my booklet, and I blog about it every year. I just adore the prayer.

  3. Doesn’t this one just *kill* you? Talk about being in denial!! I have this dog-eared in my Holy Week book, because whenever I read it, I can sense an agony so deep, she doesn’t dare address it.

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