Seven Whole Days!

Imagine my shock when I checked the date of my last blog entry! A week ago?! Impossible! Hardly….

This Bright Week was bright and busy. The journey towards good health progresses with ups and downs.

The up-side is I am feeling better! That is a nice feeling! The stomach feels good. The throat isn’t clogged 24/7. Energy seems to be coming back. Yay!

I found that the facial soap I was using contained soy which explained how a middle aged woman was breaking out with acne! Horrer! The new facial soap doesn’t contain soy and the acne is gone. Yay # 2!

Another “yay!” is I’ve discovered another food additive that contributes to the choking feeling is high fructose corn syrup, a chemical sweetner that is added to everything under the sun. This discovery has prompted the search for foods that do no contain this ingredient. Go try and find something without it! YIKES! But I have!

This blogger has a very nice and simple explanation of the reason why HCFS is used so much as a sweetner in all our foods. Thus explaining why organic products with real sugar are so expensive. Ah…ya gotta love the Government.

The down-side is the food bill is going up. Organic foods that do not contain soy, peanuts and HFCS are not cheap. However, I am eating healthier, that’s for sure.

The “Need To Do” list is very long for the week. At the top is writing my paper for American History which is due Friday. The topic? Herbert Hoover and his most excellent little book The Challenge to Liberty which is his rebuttal to FDR’s New Deal. Can you believe…the semester is almost over. Only a few more weeks and then voila…into the first summer session!


5 thoughts on “Seven Whole Days!

  1. Deb, I was using Aveeno Foaming Facial Cleanser and have switched to Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. Both are liquids. While at the Orlando Hilton, the Neutrogena was one of those ‘freebies’ in the bathroom so I got to try it for a couple weeks before commiting to purchasing it. I was astonished to see how quickly the acne went away using it. And frankly, it was not much more expensive than the Aveeno. As a matter of fact, I think it may have been the same price, under $6.50 maybe. Since it requires no more than a pea size dollop and it foams up so nice, I expect the bottle will last me a year at the very least.

  2. I’m glad things are going well with the food journey. It is hard to find stuff without HFCS. I remember once last year I made a dish with canned stewed tomatoes and basil. It tasted really sweet and I kept thinking, sweet basil isn’t that sweet! I checked the ingredients of the stewed tomatoes (contadina brand) which I had not checked the label for thinking, “stewed tomatoes should just be stewed tomatoes” and guess what…HCFS was an ingredient! You have to be really diligent and it can be expensive and time consuming if you end up making everything from scratch!

    I’ll keep praying for you!

    Christ is Risen!

  3. Continued prayers for good health. Please share w/ us the facial soap you use.

    I’ve been coming to the hard realization that I probably have food allergies too. I’ve been trying to ignore for a few years.

  4. Christ is Risen!

    Prayers for your paper: and no, I can’t believe your semester is almost over — it’s flown by.

    Continued prayers for your health, with thanks for the good news.

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