Virginia Tech

There is nothing pretty about this situation. Not one single thing. We are all asking the same thing: How could this have happened? What can be done to prevent it from happening again?

It appears the young man was South Korean and a Virginia Tech student who was a campus resident according to this article.

Additional questions come to mind:
How the heck did this kid have two handguns on campus and no one know about it?
Were there no warning signs?
What about his roommate? Was there one? Did he not notice anything?

I am sure there will be a good deal of discussion about this incident for some time to come. And for many, an answer will be government intervention.

Frankly, in my no so humble opinion, the government can do nothing about this nor have done anything to prevent it. It is a matter of the heart and soul. There is only One Who can intervene for that problem.


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