Six Weird Things About Moi!

Tagged by David’s Daily Diversions, below are 6 weird things about me. This was tough! It was hard to pare down the list to only 6!

1) I must clean the kitchen before I start to cook. Wash the counters down, wash down the stove, clean out the sink, wash dishes, put dishes away. It obsessive.
2) Whenever I am working on a project, I cannot have papers scattered about. They need to be piled neatly on the desk in front of me, squared with the edges of the desk (for the most part).
3) I love to eat crushed pretzels mixed in ice cream.
4) My birthmark is in the shape of South America.
5) I cannot sleep in an unmade bed. I will make it before I climb into it for the night.
6) I love sardine sandwiches.


3 thoughts on “Six Weird Things About Moi!

  1. Thanks for making the “sacrifice” of setting up an LJ account so you could keep track of me there. It will probably be easier than trying to send e-mails of those posts to my non-LJ friends.

  2. Dad & I love sardine sandwiches on white bread toasted with the following: mayo,sardines,sliced red onion (real thin) and sweet bread and butter pickles. Now I have the woolies and it’s too close to bedtime. Don’t say ooooh until you have tried it.

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