Tagged Again

Tagged by Miss Meg, blogger of Muttonings, I am to do the following:
1) Name four of your favourite Saints.
2) Name one who was well on the way to sanctity, is widely venerated already and very likely to be made a Saint in due course.
3) Name one who isn’t yet publicly declared a saint but probably should be made a Saint.

Here it goes!

1a) St. Athanasius of Alexandria (my patron saint)
1b) St. Xenia of St. Petersburg
1c) St. Tikhon Bishop of America, Patriarach of Moscow
1d) St. Anna the Mother of our Holy Theotokos

2) Archimandrite Sophrony of Sakarov

3) Fr. Arseny


5 thoughts on “Tagged Again

  1. Yes, that was helpful. I know that often we of the younger expressions of the faith forget what the older traditions have to say to us. I am enjoying reading about Wesley’s practical theology. The writer makes a big point of the fact the he drew from both the Latin and Orthodox traditions. We forget that there is one Church made up of those of us confined to chronos and those who live in unbounded kairos.

  2. David, you may find this article interesting reading in order to help inform your answer of “what makes a saint?” http://www.orthodoxinfo.com/general/recognitionofsaints.aspx

    You are right, in part, in that we are all saints, little “s.” We are all part of the priesthood of all believers.

    However, the Orthodox Church recognizes that there are those among us who, upon their stepping into eternal life, God recognizes them as having followed the command of Christ to “Be ye perfect, as I am Perfect.” St. Athanasius the Great of Alexandria addresses this command in his treatise “On the Incarnation.”

    We are the Body Militant. Saints are the Body Triumphant.

    This may raise more questions than answers! But I hope you enjoy the pursuit!

  3. I don’t really think of Saints that often. Peter and Paul are just that: Peter and Paul. However if I had a favorite it would be Christopher. I’ve been in a couple of car wrecks, hit a horse in mid highway, and was clipped on the right knee in a pedestrian accident and have survived them all. Christ is indeed my “bearer”

  4. I have never understood what makes someone a “Saint.” I thought we were all saints as a nation of priests. I know that Orthodox tradition views many things more through a “Greek” lens than a “Latin” lens, but why single people out? Honestly.

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