Stolen! Five Pieces

While perusing the various blogs I like to read, I enjoyed Laura’s post for today. I liked it so well, I stole the idea.

It’s been a long time since my last entry. Of late, the brain is just too tired to think of stuff to write. And dear readers, it may be a long time before another entry comes subsequent to this one. Fair warning! And so…here are a few pieces to update anyone who reads…

1) The semester is finished. I am exhausted. More so than has happened in the past. Summer session I starts May 23. Class: Theories of Human Nature. I am sure this topic is going to make me cranky. Summer session II starts July 9. Class: Ancient Rome. That sounds very interesting. If all goes according to plan (which it probably won’t), I will be finished with by BA in History by August 2008. Comin’ down the home stretch!

2) The food allergy problem is getting under control. I am leary of eating in a restaurant since the last time I ate out, I had a deviled egg and my throat felt all tight and swollen for two days. Of course…the deviled egg had mayo in it and mayo has soybean oil in it! Sigh.

3) Today I had the joy of having two of my younger Sunday school students visit for the afternoon. Their mom needed to work and their regular babysitter was unavailable. It was fun to have them around! I hope I can help again.

4) For the first time in my life, I have started marigolds and snapdragons from seed! And they are popping up from the dirt now! Amazing! Usually I kill plants not make them grow. Hopefully they will stay hardy enough to make it into the ground and bloom. Wouldn’t that be cool!?

5) I am considering the idea of letting my hair grow long. It has not been of any significant length since I was 12. LOL! Currently it looks similar to this but curly. I’m thinking of going to this. Of course, that’s a BIG difference! Wonder how long it would take? Guesses anyone? I’m thinking 3 years at least.


7 thoughts on “Stolen! Five Pieces

  1. Morning Star, my sister (a hair stylist) and I spyed out hair extensions at the local hair store. They are not cheap! $75.00! But they are really nice and a good quality from what she said. I don’t know how successful I will be due to health issues which may prevent the hair growth. But it will be fun to try. and I’ve nothing to lose but a little time. If I don’t like it, I can get it cut! Ha!

    Meg, thanks for the thoughts re: the exhaustion. Hadn’t thought of that but will keep it in mind.

    Mamma, a wig will look awful I am sure since my hair never has had the thickness of a wig. but your short spikey hair is positively adorable! Not to mention the fantastic silver! I hope mine looks as sparkly as yours!

  2. Angel Girl
    , You are one brave individual in

    letting your hair grow real long.
    Please, please go to a wig shop and try on long haired ones, or even buy one and wear it for one week to see how you look in long hair and if you can care for it. You look so pretty with your hair the length that it is and you keep it so nice that its a shame to see you change it. But then I’m only your Mother and you know my feelings on change. Ha,ha, I just spiked my hair LOL

  3. I for one am very much in favor of long hair on women. No matter how long it takes. And when she was 6 Morning Star had wavy hair down to her shoulders.

  4. I like your hair idea, sorry about the deviled egg fiasco (because, really, deviled eggs are lovely!), and whohoooo on the flowers!

  5. That’s an ambitious hairstyle project you have in mind! Good luck!

    Also, I wonder if you are feeling exhausted because of having had to cut back on your food intake? I’d talk to your doctor. You may not be manufacturing enough red blood cells, and there’s medicine for that. Take care of yourself, girl!

  6. My hair was very, very short for a long time. It’s taken me 5 years to get it to just SHORT. Not because it doesn’t grow, but because I keep getting it cut. I’m only now getting use to have the feel of hair on the back of my neck. . . . I hear hair extentions are easy to use and look very nice these days πŸ™‚

  7. Good to hear from, and about, you.

    Congratulations on the finish of the semester, and hope you get some rest before May 23.

    Continued prayers for the food allergy.

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