I first read about this little girl on Elizabeth’s blog The Garden Window. Such a sweet little poppet!

Today has the following up-date found here.

I must say, what parent in their right mind would leave their 4 year old daughter with her 2 year old brother and sister while they went to have a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant?!!?

Madeleine has been missing since May 2nd. That is 13 days – 2 weeks.

Lord have mercy!


2 thoughts on “Madeleine

  1. This seems to happen more often now than I caan remember from years back. I think I had a blue color type doggie type leash for you babes, until someone told me it was against the law. hmmph Non of my children were ever out of my sight when we were out together. I caneven remember being afraid to leave you all with Gram. This is a different world. Some parents don’t seem to know the meaning of sacrifice for their children. It’s sad.
    we cannot stop praying.

  2. To answer your question: I don’t know. A very inexperienced one, I guess. Lord have mercy on that poor child and her nit-witted family.

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