Memory Eternal!

Rev. Jerry Falwell has gone to meet His Maker. Dead at age 73.

I did not agree with most of what came out of his mouth. I, however, do no doubt that he spoke what he believed God laid on his heart. Was he right? Was he wrong? Does it matter? No, I don’t think it does. Why? Because each of us is called to work out and walk out our salvation according to God’s purpose. We cannot and should not judge what was in Jerry’s heart. Just because he may have done so as regards others doesn’t give me the right to do so either. And even saying that much is being judgmental on my part.

Remember, O Lord, the soul of Thy departed servant, Jerry Falwell.


2 thoughts on “Memory Eternal!

  1. I too had some lees than honorable thoughts when I first heard the news but than I remembered that the moat is in my own eye.

    It is so much better to let go of any judgmental thoughts we might have and leave it up to our Lord. We are called to love.

  2. Well said. When I first heard of the death my though tended to be “good riddance”, and then it came to me that God gives each of us some task and I am not to judge the work of another. I have enough weakness of my own to respect the saving power of God and His forgiveness through the gift of his Son.

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