One hundred five

Today, Katherine Fogal celebrated her 105th birthday, so announced Bobby Gunther Walsh on WAEB Radio.

Gunther went on to tell his listeners that Katherine continues to live in her own apartment and does volunteer work regularly. Most recently she participated in Daffodil Day.

Even more interesting was news that Katherine is a direct descendent of Rev. Abraham Blumer, pastor of Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, PA. (See pages 35-37.)

What is so special about Pastor Blumer and Zion? It appears that Rev. Blumer pulled up the floorboards of Zion Reformed Church on September 11, 1777 in order to provide a hiding place for the Liberty Bell when Philadelphia was occupied by the British. you can read about it here.

I just love stuff like this.

Happy Birthday Katherine! And many years!


5 thoughts on “One hundred five

  1. Mother, I do believe your memory serves you correctly. I vaguely remember someone “attacking” the Liberty Bell and the consequence was it was put in a protected environment.

    Though somewhere in my fuzzy brain, I recall reading that the Bell was cracking further along the original crack. That may be a contributing factor as well.

    Thanks for chiming in!

    Luv U!

  2. Yes, it was quite disappointing to me when it was encased. I believe , however ,that it was done because some so called derranged man took a hammer to the bell and did a little damage. I’m not sure how accurate my memory is on this but I’m sure it was in the newspaper when it happened. I wonder if anyone else remembers this?

  3. Thanks for the history of the Bell. When I first saw it it was surrounded by people including a young Negro child. I have a picture of that someplace. It was still in Independance Hall, and could be touched. I was truly disappointed the next time I saw it when they had moved it to the Pavilion and out of reach.

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