For Mother’s Day, the hubster bought 3 watercolors and 1 ink drawing while in Bermuda from local artists. They are just wonderful. Now I am looking for suitable frames.

Being the cheap geezer that I am, my first stop for such things is usually Sallies. Most people know it as the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It is amazing the things you can find there that are good quality items. No decent frames were to be had so since I had a few minutes, I perused the clothing racks to see if anything struck my fancy for comfortable and suitable summer attire. It was also “green tag” sale day. All items with green tags were 50% off.

Dear readers…this pit stop in the clothing aisle was a major mistake. I found not just one item, nor just two, but 13 items that fit and I liked. This is a rare occurrence for yours truly since it is difficult to find anything that fits that I like and is suitably modest!

The lovely items were:
– a beautiful navy blue wrap-around skirt (Talbots)
– a maroon/magenta pleated skirt with muted green & gold leaves (Weathervane)
– a sky blue Hanes pull over dress
– a moss green short sleeve pull over dress (Nina Piccolino)
– a pale blue skirt with pale rose flowers with muted green and ivory leaves
– a yellow ribbed t-shirt (Talbots)
– a pale lime green t-shirt (Madison & Max) (to wear with the navy blue wrap around)
– a pale pink t-shirt (to wear with the pale blue skirt)
– a pair of Hanes sweat pants in ivory
– a pair of bright lemon yellow pj bottoms (tie at the waist)
– a beige stretch t-shirt (Banana Republic)
– an ivory t-shirt (Worthington)
– a pale yellow t-shirt with embroidered flowers along the neck line

Total cost: $38.71!! With the green tag sale I saved $14.00.

I couldn’t have touched the Talbots skirt for that price, let alone any of the other stuff. I LOVE a bargain!!

The only negative to the trip was the 5 inch scratch on my thigh from the staple that was sticking out on the price tag which scrapped my leg while slipping on the sweat pants. Perioxide and triple-antibiotic cream here I come. One can never be too careful.


5 thoughts on “Sallies

  1. To think I wanted to take you shopping for your Birthday. I think I want you to take ME shopping for your Birthday and Mine. I love bargins too. My Mother used to say.”One man’s trash is another man’s gold” Do you remember at sometime somebody said that whenever Daddy finds a bargain and angel flies out of his wallet when he opens it.
    I may not get it all correctly but I think some of my menory is returning. (smile)

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