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Dear Readers,

May I commend to you a new LiveJournal Blog?  It is entitled MEMOIR OF FATHER SOPHRONY:  Pilgrimage of Bessarion.  You can find it here.  Do take a moment to read Fr. Seraphim’s profile.  He is the spiritual child of Blessed Fr. Sophrony Sakarov.

Read and be blessed.


2 thoughts on “A New Blog

  1. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

    Yes, this journal was taken down by Blessed Father Sophrony’s spiritual son, who was the author. He has not started a new journal due to his poor health.

    I would suggest you visit Monachos.net and read the threads on Monasticism posted by ‘petru voda.’ The author of those is the same spiritual son. I know you will be blessed by them.

  2. I have a great love in Christ for Blessed Elder Sophrony. I am particularly uplifted by the his Holy Spirit filled words offered in Prayer at Daybreak and eagerly seek to learn more about him and his instructions – especially regarding keeping “spiritual inspiration” as outlined in the new book by Metropolitan Hierotheos [Hesychia and Theology]. I was heartbroken when I clicked on the link and it states the journal has been deleted and purged. If there is a new link, if God allows, please post it.

    I am sorry but I do not have a personal email set up at this time but I will try to keep checking your recents additions.

    Love in Christ,
    a sinner

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