Today the hubster and I trooped south to the church where we met and married.  During 2007 the church is celebrating its 50th anniversary at its current location, though it has a long history in the nearby big city where it began.  To mark this anniversary, they have invited back several former pastors and choir directors to preach or lead the choir.  The hubster was the Youth Pastor-Intern from 1982 to 1985, thus an invitation was extended to him to preach today.

It was also appropriate because the church had a celebratory kick-off of a new building capital campaign for an 8000 square foot addition adjacent to the classroom wing.  Since the hubster ‘does’ fundraising for a living, it was his joy to participate in such an endeavor.

This particular visit was quite special for me because it was the people in this church, most especially one woman name Robirdie (nickname Birdie), who took DS and myself into their fellowship and loved us to wholeness.  You see, in 1982 my first husband reposed….on June 27th. 

I entered Belmont a very young (age 22) and broken woman.  Birdie literally took me by the hand and drug my sorry, sad self to just about every event there was to attend.  She fed me.  She hugged me.  She babysat.  She taught me to laugh again.  She taught me to sing again.  She taught me to love God more.  And she loved DS and spoiled him with hugs.

In this church I met the hubster and well, as they say, the rest is history.

So to go back and visit this morning was joyful.  More so since I haven’t spoken to Birdie in almost 23 years.  When she walked into the sanctuary, she smiled the exact same smile from 23 years ago.  Except for a little more white in her hair, she looked exactly the same (may I be so blessed!).  Her handshake and hug had the same strength.  And when she looked at DS…well, there were no words. 

True friendship…when two people hug and smile and no words are necessary.

May God grant Belmont Baptist Church and Birdie many, many blessed years!!!

To celebrate with those dear people, many of whom have passed into God’s time, was another blessing. 


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  1. Your beloved gave an incredible sermon. It gave Dad and I something to really think about. And talk about too. We were so happy we were able to attend. I was particularly happy that the church was packed.

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