Mid-term already

Can you believe the first summer session is mid-term already?!  I can’t!

We received our take home mid-term questions last Thursday.  They are:

  1. Discuss The Trial & Death of Socrates and its significance.
  2. Discuss features of Artistotle’s moral philosophy which are still relevant today.
  3. Explain how logical positivism arose and the arguments which led to its collapse.
  4. Explain how functionalism arose, and sketch the arguments which led to its rejection.

Question # 1 was at the top of my list to answer having read the booklet twice and loved it both times.  That question wasn’t too difficult to write three pages on.  However, the rest…well that’s another story. 

Being that I hadn’t read but a couple pages of Aristotle’s Nicomechean Ethics, I didn’t think I could make quick work of Question #2.  Therefore, I re-read both sections in our text on logical positivism and functionalism, found a decent article on the latter and decided to write on that.  I must have had too much whiskey in my tea when I made that decisioin!

All the prof is looking for is for the paper to “make sense.”  What that means I surely don’t know.  I do know, however, that he is difficult to understand.  Not because of his British, upper-crust accent but because he jumps all over the place while lecturing. 

Oh well.  Both questions are answered.  I shall re-read my paper to make sure it is, at the very least, coherent.  The fact that I have 6 pages of black and white, with paragraphs that contain thoughts which flow from one to the next, gives me the feeling that I will at least come away with a “B” for the effort.  I also quoted his best friend a couple times.  I gotta score something for that!

Not looking forward to the final exam in 3 weeks I’ll give you that much!


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